Considerations when Choosing a Micromachining Manufacturer

Find a Reliable One-Source Precision Machining Solution … Every Time

Robots the size of a grain of rice. Lenses that allow tiny cameras to capture medical marvels and make huge discoveries. The smallest springs you’ll ever almost not see with the naked eye. Micromachining makes this happen. How micromachining does what it does is due to advances in high-precision turning machinery that manufacture extremely complex geometries of minute components and parts. Specialized multi-axis turning machines can produce parts as small as .008 O.D. and .008 I.D. Component Sources International (CSI) has multi-axis machines, 12 of them are 11-axis, with high-speed production yields up to 120 pieces per minute, yielding a 850K parts per week capacity.

There are no standard specifications that define micromachining. Generally, each precision machining manufacturer has a standard spec it starts at, and at CSI, we start at around .050. The smallest tolerance CSI manufactures is +-.0002.

The industries, markets, and applications that depend on this type of precision machining vary vastly—from aerospace and railway to telecommunications, and are used in robotics, sensors, and fiber optics, among diverse applications. Some of the markets that CSI specializes in are the medical, test and measurement, watch, and test probe, along with and many more. Examples of some of the precision machining products we micromachine are test probes for testing circuit boards and contacts for high- frequency RF applications.

Seek Comprehensive Solution

When seeking a contract manufacturer to handle your micromachining work, look for one that can provide a comprehensive solution for you. You want a supplier that can provide:

  • Simplification of sourcing and inventory
  • Cost containment
  • Production efficiency with exceptionally high-speed technology
  • Agile response at all production phases and specification requirements
  • Repeatability
  • Traceability and batch control
  • Continuous improvement production and quality programs: zero defects goal
  • Customer service from inception to delivery

Materials Matter

You also want to find a micromachining manufacturer that can produce components in a variety of metal and plastic materials, including hard materials like alumina, glass and ceramics, and tungsten carbide. CSI has a long list of materials it produces, keeping in mind that material choice/availability is subject to part geometry.

Responsible suppliers can also provide one-source kitting solutions for you among their other offerings. Also look for a manufacturer with the capabilities to offer:

  • Raw stock
  • Consignment stock programs for high volume
  • Custom packaging
  • Web access management, inventory, and VMI programs

You have specific requirements, and a trusted, reliable manufacturer needs to be able to provide you with high-quality precision components and assemblies … every time. CSI Group and our partners have 26 years of experience providing one-source solutions for your micromachining needs.

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