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CSI Group


Specialized in zone annealing of BeCu and copper alloys for socket contacts. This process allows to maintain the elasticity on the hard socket side with a soft cable hole for manual crimping. This process is required when the temper of a specific small portion of a component needs to be targeted without altering the remainder of the part. Standard Quantities: 500 to Millions

Anodizing (FDA and NADCAP Approved)

With fully integrated anodizing capabilities, we offer dedicated processing lines which adhere to their respective industry standards. Anodizing is an electrochemical method for altering the surface chemistry of metals which protects against corrosion, enhances aesthetic qualities and scratch resistance.

Grinding / Polishing

As an additional service to meet surface finish requirements, we provide custom tooling and secondary processes to achieve even the most demanding required specifications. With our machining expertise, we strive to ensure parts have the highest quality surface finish after one operation. In cases where additional operations are needed, the manual and electro-polishing methods are applied to achieve the required surface finish.

Heat Treatment

Equipped with in-house Heat Treatment capability which is used to improve the machinability of a particular metal alloy (harden BeCu) to reduce brittleness after quenching or to release residual stress from mechanical deformation. This process can be performed prior to or after your parts have been manufactured to the end-use shape. Standard Quantities: Hundreds to Millions

Passivation (AMS 2700 Certified)

Equipped with a state of the art passivation line, we offer in-house services to passivate (Nitric and Citric) stainless steel components. This electro chemical process is used to regenerate the protective oxide layer on the surface of a stainless steel alloy to prevent corrosion.


Offering complete plating capability through several partners, we have access to provide plating with precious metals, anodizing and many other processes such as loose piece, barrel, vibratory, SBE, reel-to-reel and zone plating.


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