Connectors CSI Group is Specialized in the Manufacture of Components & Assemblies for the Connector Industry

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CSI Group

With ever changing industry standards, CSI Group is consistently evolving manufacturing processes to stay at the fore front of market trends. Compliant and certified with RoHS and ISO 9001, our Group meets international standards to support component development in various sectors.

Our multi-generational experience in the Connector industry allows CSI Group to enhance and improve customer design support for manufacturability with an emphasis on reducing cost as well as the capability of machining even the most complex and precise components and assemblies.

CSI Group is a prominent leader in the fabrication of highly complex and precise contacts and connects. With over 40+ dedicated CNC machines, our Group is an essential partner for top leading companies in the Electronics industry.

Connectors used in the following industries:

  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Rails/Transit
  • Space
  • Telecom
  • Test/Measurement


Core Products
Core Products


Back Shells Insulators
Bodies Male/Female Contacts
Coaxial Power
Fiber Optics Radio Frequency (RF)
Hermetics Test Probes

Core Products

Standard Metals Exotic Metals Standard Plastic
Aluminum Arcap Acetal (Delrin)
Brass Cobalt PEEK
Copper Alloys (BeCu) Constantan PTFE
Nickel/Ferro Nickel Inconel Teflon
Phosphorous Bronze Invar Ultem
Stainless Steel Kovar

Sizes: .015 – 2.0”

Volume: prototype – millions

Value Added Services
Value Added Services

Our Engineering Team is here to collaborate with our customer in the design, regulatory, and quality phases of their project. Our Team will provide guidance from prototype to end use product, and to successful launch and mass production.

By utilizing a CSI Group VMI program, we offer customers the following solutions which guarantee contracting pricing, inventory commitment, on-time delivery, and respected lead times.