CSI Group a contract manufacturer and distributor of custom design precision mechanical components and assemblies (ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified)

The group is comprised of 9 highly specialized companies (located in the U.S.A., France and Switzerland) that offer unique manufacturing services and over 1,000 machine tools to support our customers from design to end product.  With a diverse portfolio of technologies from one point of contact, we reduce the customer’s complexity and labor in managing large numbers of suppliers.

For over 30 years, we have helped our customers with the sourcing of their precision machined components and assembly requirements. The goal is to become a strategic partner by accepting the responsibility of managing a portion of the supply chain by giving our customers confidence and clarity with our ability to professionally manage their business. This helps our customers be successful by supporting opportunities and allowing them to focus on their core expertise.

Being our customers’ 1-Source Solution for their component needs, the CSI Group provides

“The Right Process = the Right Quality and the Right Price”.




Component Sources International Inc (CSI)

Mission: Sell high precision small diameter components supporting the RF connector Industry.

Manufacturers Rep for Bossonnet SA, Hugard SA, MGB SA, FE Inc.


CSI Mfg Inc (CSM)

Mission: U.S. manufacturing, small quantity, CNC prototype, develop new markets.



Hugard Inc

Mission: U.S. based manufacturing, dedicated to small-medium quantity to support US customers.


Bossonnet Inc

Mission: Provide Buyer Planner Service to the U.S.



Mission: Improve its service to American consumers by offering additional machining and assembly capacity in the US.


New Facility

Purchased and moved to a 27k square ft facility in Westborough, MA.


ISO 9001 Certification

Mission: continuously improving and expanding Sales and Manufacturing services supplied to our customers following International quality standards.

2016 - Present


  • Evo Deco/Nakamura
  • Passivation
  • Sandblast


Purchase by Hugard Inc

Expansion of Production Site

Adjacent building (5,000 square feet)

  • What We Do

    Provide high quality custom manufacturing services to support customers from design to end product. Reduce customer’s complexity and labor in managing large numbers of specialized manufacturers.

  • What is Our Purpose

    To become a strategic partner with customers by accepting responsibility of managing a portion of the supply chain.

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