Young Talent in Manufacturing

Young Talent in Manufacturing

Here at CSI Group, we have been aware of the shortage of qualified manufacturing technicians since the beginning of this trend. Young talent in machine manufacturing play a crucial role in driving innovation, efficiency, and adaptation to new technologies. Recruiting young people to machine manufacturing requires a strategic approach that highlights the opportunities, advancements, and potential for growth within the industry.

Because of this we have implemented many outreach techniques to introduce more young people to manufacturing as well as encouraging them to join the manufacturing industry. One example of this, is our manufacturing outreach through local school systems. Recently, we had a student from a local high school here to shadow with one of our Production Managers. It was excellent for everyone involved and the student was extremely excited about the experience. She also learned many new jobs and aspects of manufacturing which interested her and she hadn’t known about previously.

This follows right behind another successful visit from several local high school students and faculty to get a tour. They were also given a hands on presentation, by our President Stephen Doody, demonstrating the importance of the parts we manufacture and how they fit into building some of the most exciting and technologically advanced products in industries from Aerospace and Broadcasting all the way to transportation (submarines, rockets). All the students said they loved the visit, learned a lot about machine manufacturing that they never realized. Many now understand and are attracted to the different opportunities and career growth in machine manufacturing.

Thanks to this great partnership and outreach program! We have successfully hired multiple students from multiple schools for full time and summer employment! And that is one way we should all insure sustainability in our industry for the future!

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