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Great! You’re ready to ship—but wait—a quality problem was discovered on a shipment that was already sent to a top-tier customer … and you need to pull components out of the production cycle to patch up that problem. Which, in turn, creates another problem. And who knows how far down the line that will reverberate. Feel like you are always playing catch up to patch up production and quality challenges? Sounds like it’s time to consider kitting solutions.

Kitting—in a perfect world, it’s like production Utopia—where all your parts, components, and cables are ready for you when and how you need them. Delivered together, on time, and in top quality. It’s not a dream; it’s a reality. Many OEMs are using outsourced kits and assembling the final product at their own facilities, cutting out much of the hassle that traditional production and assembly supply chain can create.

A well-Managed Kitting Process Provides Positive Solutions for You:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Personnel resources
  • Stock backlog or depletion
  • Quality issues
  • Production bottlenecks

The efficiency of a robust kitting process creates a positive cascade of saving time, money, and resources (material and personnel efforts) right off the top. Your staff is alleviated of the timely task of searching for and managing multiple suppliers, enabling them to work with greater depth in existing projects. Accounting will love you—with kitting, only one PO is needed per project. Inventory management is streamlined, cash flow is optimized (no more waiting for parts, paying for one component at a time), and your warehouse clutter—poof!

One-Source Solution

It’s truly a single-solution answer to an organized production/assembly process. Often, companies who consider outsourcing their kitting needs have already established a trusting relationship with a reliable vendor. When a vendor undertakes the kitting responsibilities, then all or some of the supply, purchasing, machining, sub-assembly, plating, and packaging concerns are taken off your shoulders. You still have control, as you set the parameters in regards to what suppliers you want used in the kitting program. Reputable kitting companies will also advise you on cost-saving and design-enhancing options for things like machining, plating, and packaging.

Kitting solutions work remarkably well for cable assemblies. Industries like telecommunications, electronics, and organizations like the military reap the benefits of kitting solutions with dependable suppliers. Reputable kitters run transparent programs, leaving you in charge of all design implementation and ultimate decisions.

Your assembly line is not the place to be discovering quality issues, which is one of the biggest benefits of having a top-quality, ready-made kit delivered to you. Any quality issues have been vetted and resolved before being shipped—with all components present and working to spec—so they arrive on time and ready to be assembled.

Leap of Faith?

Not really. Whenever we suggest kitting to companies, we get unanimous head nodding approval around the table. Even with that, some companies are reluctant to give up “control” of this pre-assembly kitting process. Citing iterative approval processes for making such sweeping changes and fears about leaving trusted suppliers behind, some companies just aren’t sure about this kitting thing.

But if you really break it down, companies like CSI Group are simply managing the process you already have in place. We lift the burden of the “dirty jobs” off of you. You don’t have to spend your time stomping out production fires and chasing after rogue supply chain elements. Letting companies kit for you really frees you up to bring more creativity, productivity, and depth of knowledge to your specialty. A kitting solution allows for your company to discover and expand into capabilities that it might never have known it has.

Because CSI has been working for many years with 10 trusted partners, all leaders in the high-precision component manufacturing segment, we are well-versed in the skills and expertise necessary to bring big jobs together—not leaving a single tiny variable behind.

The CSI Group is a highly specialized group of companies offering manufacturing processes for mechanical components. CSI provides solutions for turning, milling, plastic injection molding, metal injection molding (MIM), stamping, and micro-machining, along with a full range of support services such as vendor-managed inventory programs (VMI), kitting, assembly, plating, and heat treatment.

With CSI Group managing your kitting process—from purchasing and quality oversight to stock room streamlining and final sub-assembly—your kits are created efficiently and delivered complete and on time. Now … you are ready to ship.

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