23 April, 2020
Nakamura Tome WY100

Our Precision Machining Capacities are Extending In addition to CSI machines (Swiss Cam and CNC machines) we now have capacities on Nakamura machines. Our workshop is now equipped with 2 numerically controlled NAKAMURA machines : NAKAMURA TOME WY100  These new turning lathes complete our CNC machinery which already has 28 STARS and DECOS CNC machines.…

26 March, 2020
Ventilators Save Lives

Precision Machining Helps Save Lives Ventilators contain 39 parts that are precision machined. Precision Machined Products Association collected the capability and capacities to produce from shops in the manufacturing sector. Contact PMPA for more info. We are essential.  We are here. We are prepared to help the healthcare industry help others. Check out CSI Group…

26 December, 2019
Robotic Technology at CSI

At CSI Group, we are implementing robotic technology to provide 100% inspection of our components. Our versatile system provides accurate & precise optical measurement at record breaking times while providing the flexibility to adapt to the unique geometries we manufacture.  Our in house development ensured to construct a pliable system with the capability to undertake…

03 July, 2019
New Robot at CSI Group

CSI Group purchased a Robot to be used to automate our quality control inspection and provide 100% inspection of our components. Dan Castillo (Mechanical Engineer) is in the set-up and programming phase – will be up and running soon! Keep you posted!   For more about CSI’s Quality Control Powered byWooCommerce Support

19 April, 2019
Communication: Quoting Process

The Effects of Communication During the Quoting Process Often times in the machining industry we work with customers who provide only a drawing or STEP file for quotation purposes. The drawing is reviewed looking for type of material, key features, dimensions, tolerances and any finishes that may apply. When manufacturers receive an order and begin…

20 December, 2017
Procurement Redefined

After reading a publication titled Procurement Redefined presented by TWS Partners, it enforced everything we at CSI Group see happening with some of our key customers. We have some thoughts on how this process needs to be addressed by both the manufacturer and supplier to make this the most effective process possible. What is the…

20 December, 2017
3D Printing Benefits

  ProX 300 Phenix 3D Systems (Selective Laser Melting (SLM) 3D Printing of a product is created by adding materials to the object layer by layer until printing is complete. This system allows for complex and intricate designs. SLM Benefits: Highly beneficial for producing metal parts for prototyping or quick production. Allows to create complicated…

20 December, 2017
Interconnect Supplier

Interconnect Supplier of the Year – Component Sources International, Inc. received an award by Times Microwave Systems (Chris Demko & Rick Jackson) on March 7, 2017. Thank You!   For CSI Group’s capabilities, visit our Capabilities page.

20 December, 2017
Supplier Reduction: Features & Benefits

Is your procurement organization more in the complexity of having to manage too many suppliers? If so, don’t feel like you are alone in this quagmire, it’s a very common problem. We here at CSI GROUP have a base in excess of 120 customers located throughout North America. In discussing this issue with many of…

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