Nakamura Tome WY100

Our Precision Machining Capacities are Extending

In addition to CSI machines (Swiss Cam and CNC machines) we now have capacities on Nakamura machines. Our workshop is now equipped with 2 numerically controlled NAKAMURA machines : NAKAMURA TOME WY100  These new turning lathes complete our CNC machinery which already has 28 STARS and DECOS CNC machines.

NAKAMURA high performance machines are dedicated to complex machined parts until 2’’ (bars) and 6’’ (slugs) from 100 pcs to 1.500 pcs per production run.


Advantages for NAKAMURA TOME WY100:

  • Complex parts : Shells, connectors bodies, shafts…
  • Turning and milling in 1 single machine : double performance
  • Small and Medium volumes : 100 pcs minimum production batch
  • Any material : stainless steels, aluminum..
  • Reliable and efficient for complex MedTech, Aerospace and Defense, Hydraulic… components
  • Free capacities : 3 to 4 weeks lead-times


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