Do You Have Problems with Product Assembly at Your Manufacturing Plant?

Are You Kitting? No, Seriously … Are You Kitting?

Kitting solutions_kitting processWell-managed kitting solutions create a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing operation for product assembly. But no one is laughing when in-house kitting is poorly managed and hosts a cascade of problems.

Got Problems?

Common practices or poorly managed kitting often involve operators removing parts from complete kits for use in other kits, creating a Domino effect of other problems.

An improperly administered kitting process can cause:

• Incomplete or late deliveries

• Disruption in production

• Increased finished component costs

• Stockroom inefficiencies due to general misallocation of components among kits

• Drain on personnel resources—procurement tracking and re-allocating missing parts

• Cash flow deficits—unfinished kits waiting on late components means you may have to pay for components but cannot deliver kits for assembly

• Delayed invoicing—you cannot invoice customers until you have delivered complete kits to assemble

• Accounting backlogs—multiple components, often ordered and received at various times, means multiple POs and multiple invoices

Sound Familiar?

Kitting-solutions-03-05-2015If plant management is experiencing problems like the ones noted above, it will very likely be more efficient on many levels—cost, productivity, streamlining internal resources, including personnel—to have your kitting services done by one of your suppliers. This is especially cost effective if the kitting supplier makes multiple components that would normally go into your kitting package. An established, reputable kitter will manage the kitting process, advising you on design-enhancing and cost-saving options, while leaving you in ultimate control of all design implementation and vendor choices.

For detailed information on the kitting process, our kitting services, and your kitting solution, download CSI Group’s brochure, “The One-Source Kitting Solution.” Once you read it, you’ll know why so many customers say to us, “You’ve got to be kitting me!”

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