CSI Group’s Engineering Expertise is the Resource to the Solution

CSI Group’s Engineering Expertise is the resource that will provide the solution. CSI Group has over 30 years of component design experience. Our Engineering Team understands the supplier, equipment, process, and capabilities that ensure the successful manufacturing of top-quality parts from concept through component usage in the specific application.

  • Design manufacturability with emphasis on simplicity to reduce cost and time to market
  • Creative design suggestions
  • Can interface with different departments such as Engineering, Procurement, and Management
  • Work with AutoCAD and SolidWorks 

machined connectors


Success Story: CSI and a world-class designer/manufacturer of connectors collaborated successfully in simplifying designs for connector contacts. It was evident that trust developed between these two companies when the customer reached out multiple times requesting the expertise of CSI’s Engineering Team to review new designs. The partnership resulted in CSI receiving multiple purchase orders and the customer receiving a reduction in cost and lead-time for the simplified designs.

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