Supply chains have a huge impact on company profits, so optimization and cost reduction are always valuable. Today, most manufacturing industries face many supply chain challenges such as raw material shortage, slow responsiveness from suppliers due to capacities, compliance with government regulations, plus timely delivery to their supply chain partners.

As a direct and fast solution to overcoming these current supply chain challenges, CSI Group provides a unique service to ensure your procurements on high precision mechanical products.

CSI Group CapacitiesCapacities

Modern machine shop giving access to +1,000 machines including CNC machines, Swiss Cams and Transfer, Escomatic wire machines, Multi-axis milling centers, Multi-spindles…

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electrical interconnects, sensors, aerospace, defense applications, automotive...


With over 30 years of experience, we are leaders in manufacturing high precision machined components for high end industries such as electrical interconnects, sensors, aerospace and defense applications, automotive…

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CSI Group prioritizes planning and anticipates supply chain shortagesSecure

To support increasing demand, we closely work with our customers to prioritize production planning and anticipate any supply chain shortage (stock, Kanban, VMI…)

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